Chronic disease is sabotaging our health, destroying our quality of life, shortening our lifespan, bankrupting our governments, and threatening the health of future generations.

Our HEALTH starts on our PLATE with the FOOD we eat.

Over 1 BILLION adults worldwide are obese and 366 MILLION have diabetes; chronic diseases of every kind are escalating out of control.

Our EXISTING healthcare system is not sustainable. We are bankrupting our healthcare budgets by spending £££ TRILLIONS on healthcare – but we’re still getting sicker and our life expectancies are getting lower.

CHRONIC diseases can be REVERSED - the future of healthcare is about EDUCATION and PREVENTION.

MILLIONS of our CHILDREN are stricken with obesity, diabetes, autism and other distressing health conditions in epidemic numbers.

AUTOIMMUNE diseases are epidemic too. They start in the gut and can be REVERSED by food and lifestyle changes.

THE CRISIS IN HEALTHCARE will not be solved by money, but by RIGHT NUTRITION with high quality, nutrient-dense food – for ALL.

1000s LIKE YOU are WAKING UP to our broken FARMING, FOOD and HEALTHCARE systems and want RELIABLE food and health information.

The TRADITIONAL FOODS that kept our ANCESTORS free from chronic and degenerative diseases and WILL do the same for US..

If you're sick and tired with the latest, confusing eating 'trends' and tired of filling your fridge with all kinds faddy and expensive ‘super-foods’ in the hope of feeling better, or are despondent about losing your excess weight, then please..


Diets don't work.  Real food does.  Our health starts in the kitchen with home-cooked foods, but fewer and fewer of us cook from scratch with real whole ingredients.  More and more us are becoming sicker than ever before: we all know someone (or several someones?) with diabetes; with obesity; with a chronic, or a cardiovascular disease; with a degenerative, digestive or autoimmune disorder. With cancer.

Our food is much, much more than filling fuel for our body - it's information. Real, whole ingredients, carry life and health-giving information that tells our cells how and when to work. The ultra processed, chemically damaged, pseudo-substances that we’ve all come to call ‘food' carry misinformation - which our body can't recognise and it responds with inflammation that harms our body’s digestive and immune system.


Once Upon a Cook - Food Wisdom, Better Living isn't yet another 'cook book'. It isn't another book on nutrition. Nor is it a nostalgic meander into the past.

It's a marriage of traditional, time-honoured food wisdom and the modern science which is validating what our ancestors have known for generations.

It's a book that will take you and your health back to the future!

If, like thousands of others, you’re confused, anxious, suspicious and at a loss as to what to eat and what to do next, then come back.

Come back to the future of food...

Who needs to read Once Upon a Cook?

  • All parents

  • All grandparents

  • Anyone struggling with health issues

  • Anyone worried about what’s in our food

  • Anyone worried about how our food is produced

  • Anyone worried about how our animals are farmed

  • Anyone worried about how our fruit and vegetables are grown

  • Anyone worried about our environment

  • Anyone worried about our broken food, farming and health systems

  • Anyone worried about what to do about it all

  • YOU!

Once Upon a Cook – Food Wisdom, Better Living is a marriage of traditional, time-honoured food wisdom and the modern science which is validating what our Grannies have known for generations.  Within its pages, you’ll discover food wisdom, forgotten skills and the science that shows us why Granny was so smart…

Within its pages you'll discover evidence-based*, traditional food wisdom, forgotten culinary skills and nutritious recipes that show us why our Grannies were so smart...

  • Why it all begins in the SOIL, not the kitchen!

  • Why NOURISHING DEEPLY is critical for energy, vitality & health

  • How to tell a GOOD EGG from a bad one and why we need eggs

  • Why those old BONES are good medicine and make delicious broths, stocks & soups

  • Why GRASS-FED MEAT is a treat but grain-fed isn't... and why OFFAL isn't awful

  • Why we should SEAFOOD and eat more of it!

  • Why ORGANIC VEGETABLES are good medicine

  • How MILK, DAIRY and SATURATED FATS became demonised & why they need to be on the table

  • Why CULTURED & FERMENTED FOODS have gravitas

  • What REAL BREAD is and why we need it back on our table

  • Why we must stop fearing SALT & SUGAR and why HERBS & SPICES are the physician's friend and a cook's pride

  • Where do we go from here? We go BACK TO THE FUTURE...

  • PLUS tips, techniques and completely delicious recipes that will delight, nourish and heal!!

*Everything you'll read is thoroughly researched, fully referenced and linked to sources via my website.


The pages of this book will take you back - to the future of food and health.

About my Mum...

My mum left me a legacy. I wish she was still here and every day I thank her for my love and respect for food. Her wisdom was my inspiration and it's in her honour, that I want to inspire you to reclaim your kitchen, get creative with fabulous, nutritious, affordable ingredients and cook REAL food, from scratch!

My hope for you is that what you read here will inspire to want to learn more. I hope it will equip you to ask questions, to make demands and to get your just rewards- towards a healthier, more energetic and better life. Above all, I want you to HAVE FUN and delight yourself, your family and your friends.


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